AIA reminds us about the importance of architects with #ilookup

Post by on December 22, 2014 in #WorldofLight

The average person doesn’t think about where buildings come from very often. Most of the visible signs of the architectural design happen during construction and so in people’s daily hustle and bustle, few people put together the dots from finished building to idea in someone’s head. The AIA is out to change that with the #ilookup campaign.

I love this video, because if nothing else, it reminds people who never think about the profession we all work in, where the built environment comes from. It doesn’t come from Home Depot and it doesn’t come from a screw gun. It comes from the ideas, vision and the education of architects.

The video is available at where if you scroll up (get it?) you’ll find images shared by people all over the world using twitter and instagram to share what they see when they look up. If you want to get involved, the next time you are walking around, snap a photo and share with the hashtag #ilookup.

Here’s a glimpse into what people are sharing.

If you want to get involved, jump on twitter or instagram and search the hashtag #ilookup and go get involved. We need the public to remember where great design comes from and the our buildings can be amazing.

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