Alva Lighting – Solving ADA Sconces

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With Extreme Focus, Alva Lighting Solves Common Design Challenges With Style.

ALVA Lighting

Solving ADA Sconce Design Challenges

Some manufacturers try to be all things to everyone. ALVA is different. ALVA focuses on a very common form factors with uncommon tenacity. ALVA is certainly not the first manufacturer to offer an ADA wall sconce.

What they do offer are beautifully illuminated ADA sconces with excellent light quality at prices that won’t wreck the budget, making them ideal for multi-family residential towers and healthcare environments. But more than being economical, they are also designed to solve the common short-comings of this form factor.

After our in-house training session with Sean McMurray of ALVA, our team was blown away by the offering. It’s pretty rare that a manufacturer thinks through all of the major challenges of a given fixture type so completely.

Emergency Lighting

ALVA offers integral battery backup in their most popular styles. No one else offers an integral battery backup in an ADA compliant wall sconce. Integral EM is offered on the Betty and Bob style fixtures.

ADA wall sconce with option integral EM


What happens when the corridor sconces are a little too bright, or just a little too dark? ALVA’s fixtures come with four preset brightness options, which are easily changed in the field, by turning a (hidden) dial with a flat head screwdriver. ALVA also offers 0-10V dimming standard.

ADA Wall sconce with optional integral EM

Performance and Warranty

Decorative fixtures aren’t always known for their performance. ALVA fixtures have downloadable IES files, have a typical efficacy of 120 lumens per watt delivered and carry a 10 year warranty. Oh and by the way L85 = 125,000 hours. Each light engine is tested in their California facility before being made into a fixture to minimize the possibility of in-field failure.

Oh and one last thing…don’t forget the exterior.

Sean showed us some absolutely killer wet location (yes, IP66 rated) sconces and explained more are on the way. We’re excited to see the same attention to detail come to the exterior sconce.



Ready for more on ALVA? Head to their website. Then get in touch with us

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