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Light is one of the few design elements that changes everything. Great light can be the difference between a stunning building facade and one that people never notice. It can be the difference between an incredible art wall and one that recedes from view. ERCO is always working to deliver the best light and their 2017 North American additions are no exception. Here are a few of their updates.

Universal On-Board Dimming

ERCO track has always been compatible with ELV dimming. The innovation for 2017 is that ERCO has developed their own driver. That means every track head now comes with an integral onboard dimmer. So while you can dim all of the track heads with a system as always, you can also dial in specific intensities per fixture – I’ve seen this is person, and it’s stunning. If you’re lighting documents in a museum or trying to create ambience in an intimate restaurant, this feature will quickly become your go-to.


Hi-trac luminaire application
Track lighting is the most flexible way to deliver beautiful light in situations where the arrangement of the room might change. But if you’re highlighting art, or this season’s retail display, you might not be casting enough ambient light to make the space feel open – the dreaded cave effect. Traditionally, the solution is to add downlights or some other ambient light solution. ERCO has added another possible solution. Hi-trac is a suspended track with embedded uplight allowing for soft ambient light to fill the ceiling above the track and make the space feel open. Caves be gone!


Optical performance is always the highest priority for ERCO, but they also know that form factor matters. That’s why the Pollux is so exciting. This incredibly small track head produces anywhere from 210 lumens up to 825 lumens with an incredible array of beam outputs that are for the most part interchangeable (the framing projector is obviously its own unit). Despite being impossibly small, it’s available as a framing projector, a narrow spot (6 degrees), spot, flood, wide flood, extra wide flood, oval flood and a wall washer. You need to see the 2W spot in action!



Sometimes, what is needed is a perfect wall wash – completely uniform illumination from top to bottom and side to side of a wall or a piece of art. Pantrac is designed to do exactly that with the fewest fixtures possible. Pantrac is available in both 12W and 24W outputs, and is the perfect tool for even floor-to-ceiling wall washing.

Kona XS

kona xs_application

The newest member of the Kona series, made up of exterior flood and spot lights, was built with the same incredible optics of the large flood Kona series introduced last year. Available in either 2 watt and 6 watt with a wide range of factory-installed optics. The Kona XS brings the series down to “New York Scale” something that could easily light a courtyard walkway, or uplight a facade with a discreet form factor.

The best way to understand the new fixtures from ERCO is to see them for yourself. We’d love to come in and show you the latest and greatest from ERCO.

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