The Best LED High Bay on the Market Goes to Version 4.0

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Flex Lighting Brings Us Version 4 of Their Renown Essentials Series

Flex (formerly Lusio) is one of those factories we come back to here on the blog every so often. That’s because like any good software company, they take their product and put it through cyclical innovations to make it the very best offering possible in their segment.

Enter Essentials 4.0

The Flex High Bay offering has long been the best performing high bay on the market, a fact we’ve previously discussed on the blog. As LED chipset performance improves, there will inevitably be gains in efficacy. If Flex were a typical manufacturer they might just advance their chips and call it an upgrade, but that’s not how Flex works.

Constant Refinement

When it comes to Flex the drive is toward constant innovation. By constantly reviewing their product design and components Flex is able to drive performance of the fixtures up while driving cost down. The Essential Series now comes in three subsets – Performance, Standard and Value.

Flex Essentials performanceThese three flavors of the Essential series give you many ways to get to the target lumen output you need. Whether you need the best performance and longest life or you need to meet a budget and can stand to lose a little bit of LED life.

Rotating Optics and an Indirect Option

The Essential series now offers adjustable optics. The outer-most bars on the given fixture are now rotatable and lockable all the way to creating a direct/indirect fixture. This kind of flexibility could be valuable if you’re trying to create lateral or uplight in a warehouse or manufacturing plant to get rid of the dreaded cave effect.

In addition there are times when a fully indirect solution is needed (think of light tennis courts or gymnasium spaces) where direct illumination will create too much glare. The new indirect option allows the fixture to be mounted with the LEDs facing upward.

Photometric Calculations and Mockups

When we think of high bay lighting in the NY area, we think about 1-for-1 retrofit jobs, but even on a job that basic, knowing exactly how much light you’ll get with a given solution helps everyone involved to understand what your customer is paying for. Along those lines, a mockup is the very best way to understand exactly how the improved performance of the fixtures will transform your space. Let us know if you (or your client) wants a photometric report or a mockup and we’ll be happy to walk you through both.

Flex has long been the best LED high bay on the market – with version 4.0 the best is even better.

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