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Unique suspension of beautiful performance fixtures

Fixtures available with catenary mount

One of the first things I noticed as I rode in the backseat of a cab speeding through the streets of Milan was the street lighting was directly above me. Rather than what we do in the states with poles and arms, the streets of Milan were lit by fixtures suspended from cables high above the street.

This was my first real-life exposure to the catenary mount.

Catenary mounting isn’t a new concept, but it one rarely employed in North America. That’s really a shame because suspended light fixtures create a glow and romance that other forms can’t always achieve. Plus the catenary mount solves some very practical problems.

Here’s an example. A common design for apartment complexes to create a central courtyard surround on three or four sides by the apartments.


Typically these are lit but small path lights or building mounted flood lights. There’s nothing wrong with those approaches, but there’s nothing particularly interesting or beautiful about it either.


By suspending two steel cables across the courtyard fixtures can be suspended created warm inviting light across the courtyard without sacrificing an space for poles.

The result is a clean open space with a warm inviting light. Perfect for relaxing on spring and summer evenings.


Luminis is offering a wide variety of exterior rated pendants compatible with the catenary mount box. These beautiful performance LED fixtures will stand up to the beating of exterior applications (they come from Canada after all) while continuing to look amazing.

Head over to the Luminis site and take a look line up. I think you’ll be impressed.


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