Checkout This Beautiful Example of Transformational Light – Wave/Cave (Video)

Post by on April 30, 2017 in Lighting Tips, Our Brands

Designplan Brings European Light to the US

Increasingly future forward lighting is an international affair, designers from different nations and often different continents coming together to make something amazing. Projects like Wave/Cave in Milan are a good example. Designed by Shop Architects and PHT Lighting.

The lighting fixtures for Wave/Cave were donated by Luce & Light, part of the Designplan family of factories. Designplan partners with European manufacturers to import fixtures here to the US. Designplan takes care of UL/ETL approvals as well as local assembly and delivery stateside. If you haven’t looked at what Designplan provides, it’s time to look again.

recessed drywall lighting effect

With both their interior and exterior offerings, as well as their quickship program Designplan offers some of the most innovative fixtures on the market. When you’re ready to try something truly unique, take a look at Designplan.


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