When You Need Consistent Performance Across Form Factors, it’s time to think about Lumenalpha

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Lumenpulse Revamps Lumenalpha, Here's Why You Should Think about 2.0

One of the biggest challenges in retail and hospitality lighting is consistent lighting performance across form factors with technology that dims uniformly. It’s a challenge Lumenpulse recognizes and is working hard to tackle – meet Lumenalpha 2.0


Consistent Performance Between Form Factors

The main thing you need to know about Lumenalpha is that it provides a tremendous array of options. From single lamps, to adjustable multiples and track heads. All of them use the exact same LED source and optics giving you true consistency across the different form factors.

In my past life, I worked as a lighting designer for a major retail brand. One of the challenges we were trying to tackle was consistent color performance with LED sources. If your downlights and adjustables were one “version” of 3000K and your track heads are another, I assure you, the brand manager noticed.

color consistency for retail lighting

To that point, Lumenalpha has made sure the color shift will not be a problem. With superior thermal management and chip selection Lumenalpha downlights are guaranteed not to shift color for five years. That kind of performance is rare in the market and even more rare for a line with both track and downlight capability.

A True 10 Degree

lumenalpa 10 degree perfect for retail lighting punch

Tight optics are a challenge for small LED form factors. But when I saw these debuted at our show this week, I was impressed by the tightness of the beam and crispness of the color. Having this available in a downlight and track head is a perfect accent lighting solution for retail and other display work.



In addition to many common control options, Lumenalpha now comes ready for Lumentalk. Lumentalk is a power-line carrier protocol that allows communication to many traditional forms of dimming as well as new fixtures from Lumenpulse. This is a budget friendly way to get all of your existing and new lighting speaking the same language and controlled from one point.

Some of the new downlights were debuted at our show this week, but if you want to see more, brand new sample kits are shipping out in the next couple of days, contact us for a demo, I think you’ll be impressed.


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