Delray Evolves Classic Products To Create Stunning New Forms

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Three New Form Factors For Stunning Designs

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This past week we had a visit from Mark Rorrison of Delray Lighting. He gave us a breakdown on some of the new pieces Delray launched at Lightfair. These are evolutions of existing products to meet the needs identified in the market. Let’s take a look.

Stick LED

delray stick LEDThe original T5 fluorescent stick has long been a favorite for commercial office spaces and retail environments. The clean line and elegant execution of the Stick has long been an architectural statement. The Stick LED updates the series and modernizes it. Rather than rely on a replacement T5 lamp, Delray developed an LED light engine so that the source would display no pixelation and deliver greatly improved performance over the fluorescent original.

Adapting to LED

The LED source is inherently directional, rather than fight this, Delray has embraced it. The light engine of Stick LED is rotatable so it can be used as an indirect uplight, a direct downlight or rotated to highlight walls or signage. In addition, the LED source has created a nominal 50% energy savings over the T5.


Luma LED

Luma was developed in response to the need for a high lumen pendants that retained some architectural elegance. Available in lumen outputs ranging from 5K to 20K lumens the Luma is a performance fixture with a simple, but pleasing aesthetic.

Spiral / Helix

Delray HelixSince it’s introduction, the Uno series has been very popular, first as a linear pendant, then as an elegant ring. This year, Delray created the spiral, which is designed to be a surface mounted version of Uno. Once you’ve created a Spiral, now you can give it a third dimension in the Helix. Much as the name implies, the Helix is a Spiral sort of pulled downward to create height. The Helix is currently available in 3’, 4’, 5’ diameters. Each diameter, will, by necessity create a different height. Of course, if you have custom applications, you can work with Delray to create a custom shape based on the project application.


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