Douglas Lighting Controls – Specification Grade Control That Gets Installed Right Every Time.

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SDA renews it’s commitment to specification grade lighting controls with the addition of Douglas Lighting Controls.

Douglas Controls provided the lighting control systems for both Citi Field and the New Yankee Stadium

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Mets and Yankee fans don’t have much in common, except that both of their brand new stadiums are controlled by Douglas Lighting Controls systems.

Where Douglas Lighting Controls excels is in specification lighting control and architectural dimming for commercial, educational and healthcare spaces. Obsessive focus on these markets and smart engineering gives them an unparalleled ability to bridge the gap between specifier intent and in-the-field performance.

Robust Design, Simple Installation

A great spec only works if it’s installed properly, at the same time simple equipment might be contractor friendly, but not robust enough to handle the complex dimming and control needs of LED and modern energy management.

Ready For Your Entire Building

Touch screen lighting control unit at the center of Douglas Lighting Control Dialog Panels

Touch screen lighting control unit at the center of Douglas Lighting Control Dialog Panels

Douglas Dialog Lighting Panels are ready for your large-scale control projects. Whether we’re talking about basic energy code compliance, scheduling, advanced daylight harvesting, task tuning, BACnet integration, plug load controls or demand response. Dialog panels are ready for the diverse needs of the modern building.

  • Douglas Panels ship preassembled and ready to be energized.
  • Internal components easily snap together like lego blocks making assembly fast and simple, should additions or changes to the system be needed.
  • 2-Wire connectivity means all other control devices, sensors, switches, etc. Connect over 18/2 solid wire.
  • Panels arrive pre-configured, so commissioning is fast and done with local technicians to adjust to as-built conditions.

Or A Single Room

In New York City, many times incremental controls are the answer. The Douglas Dialog Room Controller is the perfect, expandable solution for when you want to want to de-centralize your control devices. The engineering that went into the room controller gives you a good idea of how much through and engineering goes into Douglas products.

Douglas Lighting Control Dialog Room Controller

Everything you need to control a room or small area’s worth of lighting in one simple-to-install package.

Some Key Design Features:

  • The same 18/2 control wire that’s used for devices on panels is used for room controllers making them an ideal solution for system expansion or renovations. They are also dead simple for contractor installation.
  • One Device Test-Buttons make it easy for in-field testing of wiring.
  • Color Coded wires and labels make separating loads dead-simple.
  • Self-latching access door.
  • UL924 Rated 2-circuit expansion pack snaps into main room controller.
  • BACnet Ready

All of this adds up to ease of installation and fewer installation errors, but there’s something else. On every job Douglas packs each room separately with its own set of installation instructions. Each room’s equipment is tested as a system before it ships. This works to ensure a system that installs quickly and easily and exactly to spec.

Ready to learn more about Douglas Lighting Controls?  Contact us. We’re ready to work with you.

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