Getting Exterior Lighting Right With Hevi-Lite

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Exterior lighting is a challenge. Hevi-Lite is ready to help.

Mammoth Residence - Exterior lighting by Hevi-Lite

Getting exterior lighting right might be the most difficult challenge lighting designers and architects face. So often the kinds of projects that require beautiful facade and exterior lighting are also subject to last minute changes due to budget constrictions or design element shifts. It’s not rare to hear, for instance, that the client decided the six foot tall pine bushes were too basic and opted for stone pillars instead. Or perhaps that the plumbing for the fountains were run twelve feet further north than anticipated. That doesn’t take into account dark sky compliance, energy code, safety code concerns and all of the other elements that make exterior lighting a challenge.

Grand Plaza Anaheim Convention Center | Hevi Lite Inc.

Creative in-budget solutions to these kinds of challenges is where Hevi-Lite excels. With product categories that include accent lights, step lights, flood lights, wall and canopy mounts, path lights, and pendants, Hevi-Lite has an expansive collection of exterior form factors for everything from accenting sculpture to flood lighting a driveway.

Taking you through all of the products would make for a book not a blog post (contact us if you want a catalog), so I thought I’d highlight a few products that might be of interest.


Integral LED accent/flood light. Part of a family of different size/output accents.

LED Exterior Accent Light by Hevi-Lite


Part of a family of SORAA compatible accent and flood lamps. While this moves you into the lamp and transformer maintanence world it also does afford the flexibility of the SORAA lamp platform.

Exterior accent light by Hevi-Lite


This is one of those accessories that can make or break a landscape lighting design. This tree ring is a flexible solution for when accent lighting is required from above and a tree mount is desired.

Tree Canopy accessory from Hevi-Lite


Sleek mini-bollard with a remote transformer/driver.

HL-6500 by Hevi-Lite

Let’s Talk About Your Next Exterior Project

It’s easy to get intimidated by exterior lighting projects. Hevi-Lite is one of those factories that stands ready to help with project-tested solutions. If you need to know more contact us. We’re ready to help.

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