The MonoRail from Feelux has Revolutionized Display Lighting

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The Never-Ending LED Revolution

Nearly everything you read about lighting these days is all about the disruption that LED has brought to the market.  The phrase “LED revolution” might be the most over-written phrase in the architectural and lighting media. Every now and then a product comes along that proves that innovation does simply mean making a fixture that was fluorescent now LED.

Enter Feelux

Feelux MonoRail

A simply linear track creates totally modular display, under-cabinet and even cove lighting

This year Feelux introduced one of those products that completely changes a category. Feelux was already synonymous with cove and under-cabinet lighting, their fixtures regularly employed in healthcare, hospitality and retail applications, but this year they did something totally different.

It’s called MonoRail and it changes what you think under-cabinet or small linear lighting can be. The name tells you what it is (another plus of the product) a simple low-profile single-bar track which allows components of the system to simply snap in and become energized. It’s a wonderfully simple, and wonderfully revolutionary concept. Imagine what a modular lighting system could do in the context of retail design? Constantly changing displays could be lit and re-lit with just a few snaps.

Award Winning Design

Feelux wins Red Dot Design AwardIt’s all impressive, but don’t take my word for it. The Feelux MonoRail System was recently awarded the Red Dot Design Award for product design for 2014. By extending the length of a run form a single power point, the power track of the monorail system can accommodate up to 180W (54’+) of monorail luminaires. The power track itself mounted with brackets or 3M tape and is both factory and field cut-able. All of this adds up to an amazingly flexible product with limitless applications.

The MonoRail system is part of the DIVA2 family of fixtures. MonoRail and DIVA2 have completely changed the game in cove and linear lighting. Want to see this amazing family of fixtures? Come to our showcase. Feelux will be proudly displaying their new products at our show. One look and you’ll understand why we’re so excited about MonoRail and DIVA2

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