Friday Night Lights: Big News from Lumenpulse Edition

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Lumenpulse Makes Three Huge Announcements This Week

Sometimes one of our factories has a huge week and we just have to talk them. You might remember a few weeks ago when we wrote about the launch of the LumenAlpha downlight light. Well Lumenpulse is back at it with a trio of announcements. Let’s run them down.

Lumenline Gets an Upgrade


Lumenline has always been an innovative linear fixture family. Generation 2.0 upgrades in several important ways:

Increased Efficiency – up to 85 Lumens Per Watt – a 51% increase in efficacy.

A stunningly simple quick connect system.

And finally Lit Corners!

Say Hello to Lumenbeam’s Next Generation

This upgrade is all about improved efficiency. One simple graphic sums it up.


These floodlights are bright. The LBX is capable of delivering over 500,000 candela in the 6 degree spot. Stunning performance in a rugged, reasonably priced fixture.

Lumenpulse Acquires SDL – Say Hello to Lumenarea

This week Lumenpulse announced the acquisition of SDL. The acquisition gives Lumenpulse an entirely new family of products aimed at the exterior. As the photos below suggest, Lumenarea offers a wide variety of contemporary and classic forms for LED area lighting. You can see more at the Lumenarea website.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 8.14.29 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 8.12.37 PM

Big news from Lumenpulse this week. Lots more coming in the next few weeks. We have stories from our factories, project updates and some new lighting tips in the hopper.

Have a great weekend!

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