Friday Night Lights: How Is It Still Snowing on the Vernal Equinox Edition

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I might me after St. Patrick's Day, but it's still snowy here in New York.

I might me after St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s still snowy here in New York.

Yes, it’s the first day of spring, but despite what the calendar has to say the never-ending winter continues. Thankfully, we have lots of exciting news – all non-weather related. This week I’m trying something new by including tweets directly from our factories. Let me know what you think!

Solavanti Launches Re-Designed Website

Solavanti Website Screenshot

screenshotSolavanti has an expansive catalog of products. So many, in fact, that it made the website a little difficult to navigate. So Solavanti went back to the drawing board and re-designed their website with an emphasis on graphic interface, making it easier than ever to find the product you want – or the inspiration you need to come up with solutions you hadn’t previously considered. Take a look at their new website and fall in love with something new.

The Lighting Quotient’s S172 Is Now DLC Listed

S172For a long time if you wanted an asymmetric wash light the only solution was metal halide. The Lighting Quotient has changed that with the introduction of the S172. Delivering up to 11,000 lumens the S172 is a wet location fixture perfect for outdoor awnings, wall washing or any other exterior lighting where making a surface glow is the main goal. You can find more details on the S172 here.    

UX Magazine Features Vantage Controls

We’ve long been talking about the benefits of the beautiful and powerful set of controls offered by Vantage, but you don’t have to hear it from us. UX Magazine published a feature on Vantage and the ink is pretty great. The story comes on the heels of Vantage winning the Cross-Platform Experience category in the Design For Experience awards

“I’m impressed they’re able to get all these devices to talk to each other,” says DfE judge Jonathan Anderson. “Getting a bunch of movie sources to talk to a bunch of movie display devices and to synchronize display behaviors with controller states, that’s not easy.” The system also allows for different profiles with different widget configurations and settings. Users can also make adjustments remotely, while keeping an eye on their video surveillance feeds. “No other system empowers users to adapt their interfaces to their changing world,” adds Vantage Software Product Manager, Brian Peterson. “[The user experience] is 100% consistent across multiple platforms, such as the Equinox in-walls, Apple and Android tablets, and smartphones.”

Need a little more on Vantage? Take 90 seconds and meet Equinox below.  [youtube]

Thanks for checking in with us! More next week and hopefully it will be much warmer. 


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