Friday Night Lights: Superbowl Edition

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This weekend the New England Patriots (currently of DeflateGate infamy) are lining up against The Seattle Seahawks in the Superbowl. I hope you’ll be surrounded by friends and family this super sunday eating great food and enjoying a break in the busyness of the new year.

Here’s our big news this week.

Meet YWire

YWire is the latest addition to our controls offering. YWire’s technology is centered around solving a simple problem – providing networked lighting controls in a retrofit project. Rather than relying on pulling new low voltage lines and installing relay panels, YWire relies on broadband over power line to deliver dimming and switching signal to it’s network of smart devices. We’ll cover YWire in more detail, but the 5 minute video above is a great start to understanding what YWire is and how it can help your clients move to the 21st century of networked lighting controls. Networked controls offer an incredible opportunity for energy savings. Here’s simple graphic from the YWire folks explaining why:

Cost savings due to integrated lighting controls

Take a look at the fine print up at the top. This is based on just $0.10 per kWh, imagine the savings in the NY metro area.

We are very used to simply installing local occupancy sensors and photocells. When these systems get connected back to a central building management system we unlock the potential for even greater savings. Centralized control allows for tweaking of settings such as sensor sensitivity, task tuning, and daylight harvesting. Centralizing control allows for connection to HVAC systems to allow for even more savings. Want to learn more about YWire, take a look at the video below.

Ready to learn more about YWire? Of course you can head to their website. Or you can contact us and we’ll get you specific answers to your questions.

Have a Super Weekend. More next week!

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