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It's a New Year, Time For New Light

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We know you’re busy.

As we’ve visited Lighting Designers, Engineers, Architects and Interior Designers across the New York area there’s one theme that keeps recurring, everyone is slammed. Deadlines feel tighter, there’s less and less time to create the exceptional spaces your clients expect.

We’re here to help.

We have the most expansive line card in the NY Metro Area with over 70 manufacturers of lighting and controls. Whatever your design challenge we have a product or manufacturer who can help solve it.

2017 always be learning


Each week, our newsletter will bring you headlines from the World of Light blog. Here we cover everything from changes to NYC Energy Code to how to tackle sports lighting. We’ll also be highlighting amazing projects and sharing product updates from our family of manufacturers.

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  • Carl Faber

    It is a great resource to stay up on a fast moving industry.

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