10 Reasons Why You Need to Come to the SDA Lighting Showcase if You’re an Interior Designer

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Why Another Trade Show?

If you’re an interior designer you might be wondering why you should bother attending another trade show. Lighting is always changing and at SDA we represent the best lighting brands in the world. If you’re looking to provide bold and innovative lighting for your clients, then you need to see what our manufacturers have to offer. The products we’ll be showing are nothing short of stunning. If inspiration isn’t reason enough I have ten more that ought to convince you.

Designplan – If you’re not familiar with the architectural fixtures of Designplan then there is no better opportunity to come see them than our showcase. Designplan is an umbrella for ten innovative European lighting companies, providing striking lamps, pendants, wall markers and dozens of other leading edge designs. This line will wow your clients.

USAI – The leader in beautiful recessed lighting. USAI has no equal when it comes to making recessed lighting fixtures that are not only functional, but architecturally pleasing. Their booth will show you the latest in how LEDs can be used in recessed applications to do everything from accent a dining room table, to make art pop on your clients’ walls.

Visa Lighting – If you work on commercial or institutional interiors then there’s no better line for you to know than Visa Lighting. No longer just a company you can go to for traditional bowl pendants, Visa has a stunning line of sconces and pendants that are perfect for your next educational, religious, or corporate space.

Inter-lux – If you want to create stunning modern interiors for your clients, then you must be familiar with the beautiful fixtures for Inter-lux. With a combination of European elegance and a clean aesthetic, Inter-Lux is a must see for interior designers who are tired of the same old, same old.

Feng Shui Lighting – Born out of a desire to bring together the principles of Feng Shui and beautiful lighting this line offers both incredible versatility and stunning visuals. From bold backlit panels to truly unique pendants, Feng Shui should be a line you go to regularly for something harmonious and out of the ordinary.

FEELUX – Whenever I talk to interior designers about kitchen design, the very first thing they bring up is under-cabinet lighting. Traditionally this was a fluorescent lamp in a sheet metal box. All of that has changed. FEELUX provides some of the sexiest LED under-cabinet lighting you’ll ever see – spot free LED bars provide amazing illumination and perfect color. These fixtures are also perfect for shadow free cove lighting applications, lighting cabinets, and creating “wow” presentations for dressing rooms – must see for luxury home designers.

Solavanti – Stunning illumination from some of Europe’s best lines. When clean, modern European elegance is required Solavanti is the answer. We’re thrilled to be hosting them at our showcase. Sometimes you just need sexy light in a beautiful package. That’s what Solavanti is all about.

Bruck / Wila – These sister brands bring high design within reach with their unique line of hand blown glass pendants, recessed fixtures and powerful accent lights. This is that surprises people at first and then becomes a go-to when you need the balance of form and function in your lighting fixtures.

Vantage Controls – Home automation and lighting control are at the forefront of the luxury market today. A plastic keypad with presets is no longer the standard of luxurious controls. Homeowners want to control their lighting, air conditioning and media with the flick of a touch screen. Beautiful controls delivered throughout the home is what vantage is all about.

Now that I’ve given you a small taste (over 70 lines are coming) of what will be at the showcase it’s time to go RSVP right nowThe show is September 15th thru the 17th at Metropolitan Pavilion, come take a look at the amazing new products, get inspired by some amazing design and ask questions directly of the manufacturers. We can’t wait to meet you.


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