Investing in Quality Highbay and Lowbay Lighting (explained in GIFs)

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Flex Is Back with New Solutions For Your Highbay and Lowbay Needs

Flex Lighting Solutions never stops innovating in the space of high and low bay lighting. By now the LED highbay fixture has become a basic for modern facilities. Reduced energy and heat loads, the ability to dim and the longevity of the fixtures make them a no-brainer upgrade.

The thing is not all LED highways are created equal. There is a tendency to hear about the cheapest solutions in this space. But like anything else, you get what you pay for, your facility should be using the best, not a mediocre solution.

But, it’s just a highbay, right?

You're Wrong

Cheap highbay lighting in LED will present you with the same problems as your metal halide solutions.


  1. Short Service life
  2. Poor Output
  3. Poor efficacy

If you’ve chosen you upgrade to LED, then shouldn’t you buy the best once instead of the mediocre two or three times?

Of course

Glad we agree – so here’s why you need to look at the Essentials series.Flex Essentials Series


Best in class efficacy at up to 176 lumens per watt. 

Most lumen packages available. Ranging from 7000 lumens to 70,000 lumens delivered.

Service Life

95% output at 5 years

85% output at 10 years

Even More Energy Saving Options

Integral Occupancy sensors available

0-10v dimming standard.

But what if I don’t want a rectangle? 

If you need to have the classic round shape of the metal halide highbay (and the corresponding splash of uplight on the ceiling then the new Classic Series is for you. And yes I get the irony of “new classic.”

Judge Judy didn't like the joke

Judge Judy didn’t like the joke


The Classic is meant to be a more straightforward retrofit of the old 400W metal halide delivering 20,000 lumens at 147 lumens per watt.

Ready to take over for your 400W metal halides

Ready to take over for your 400W metal halides


The classic is the perfect solutions for owners and facilities managers that want the classic round shape and a little bit of refracted uplight on the ceiling.

The classic is the perfect solutions for owners and facilities managers that want the classic round shape and a little bit of refracted uplight on the ceiling.

Great! So what about my lowbays and strips?

When it comes to low bay solutions, the low-cost solution is T8 or T5 LED replacement lamps. Like anything else, when a low cost solution is chosen there are compromises.
Flex Linear Series Product Close Up

In addition to limited life, many of these lamps still rely on ballasts to light. This means you’re still at the mercy of life of the ballast to dictate the life and performance of the lamp. In addition, there are limitations on the lumen packages and dimming available with tubes.

Flex has created a smart solution to this retrofit problem – new Linear Series.

Flex Linear Series

Flex Linear Series Install shot


This fixture is available both as a retrofit and a new installation for low bay applications. Available in four foot and eight foot lengths these fixtures are meant to improve upon the performance of traditional fluorescent highways. Take a look at these performance stats.


Flex Linear Series Performance Stats


These fixtures not only dramatically improve on performance, they are fully dimmable and DLC listed.

I think we typically think of these industrial solutions for factories or warehouses. But facilities like boiler rooms, storage areas, auto garages, and countless other areas could see improved energy efficiency and lighting performance from these Flex Solutions.

Ready for more? Contact us, we’re ready to get you samples, literature and run calculations to get you the exact right product for your application.

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  • Andy Letwin

    Nice. I’m all about efficacy so I’ve always found flex to be an exciting company. I recall seeing their highbay at a trade show and touching the heatsink which felt like nearly body temperature at full output – that’s how efficient their stuff is. The modular aspect of that product is super cool too.

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