We Know Why You Don’t Specify Illuminated Handrail, It’s Time to Change That.

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Illuminated handrail is awesome. There’s nothing more elegant that a stairwell or walkway being lit from the rail. The even, beautiful illumination is the most inviting way to attract visitors. Vrail by Intense

So if handrail is so beautiful, why don’t we see it more often? Illuminated handrail is generally regarded as expensive and not contractor friendly. Everyone in the lighting industry has an illuminated handrail disaster story.

Intense Decided to Fix That

Vrail By Intense Lighting

The Vrail system was designed to address all of the problems typically associated with handrail.

First off, Vrail is an LED lighting fixture first and foremost. That means that drivers, output, and heat sinking were all considered in advance. Making it a durable, versatile luminaire.

Secondly, Vrail can be ordered as a modular system as well as a seamless pre-built unit. The seamless is beautiful handrail assembly with no noticeable junctures. The modular is also built to spec, but offers some contractor friendly design features. The rail is supplied with 3” of excess pipe at each juncture to be cut in the field. Additionally, each juncture allows up to 37 degrees of adjustment before being locked in place. These elements eliminate the need for exacting field dimensions from general contractors, which is usually the biggest stumbling block to getting handrail done properly.

The support behind Vrail at intense runs deep. This isn’t an “extra” it’s an important part of their portfolio. So rather than taking weeks to get you drawings and quotes they provide them in days. That means you can cost out illuminated handrail early in the design process. Hopefully, protecting it from the dreaded VE monster.

Key specs:

* Integral drivers are available in both the 1.9″ and 1.5″ rail. (1.5″ required a transition) allowing the rail to wire like a bollard. Remote drivers are also available.
* A variety of powder coat finishes are available including wood grain and RAL colors
* Six week lead time.
* Wildlife friendly amber is available
* Stancion and wall mounting available.

All it takes to get a specification started is a rough drawing. With the dimensions provided and run information the team at Intense can do a complete layout as well as a bill of materials for quotation.

Vrail By Intense

Give it a Try

You might have been burned by handrail projects before. So here’s our modest ask – give us a try. Shoot us a drawing and let us help you start the process. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to specify and price this system.

Our office has samples ready and we’d love to get them in front of you for review.

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