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Some Names Don't Need an Introduction

Metallica’s 2017 “WorldWired” Tour – Lighting Director Rob Koenig Featuring MAC Axiom Hybrid fixtures and Atomic 3000 LED strobes

There are some names in the lighting industry that really don’t need to be introduced. Martin is one of those names.

When I was in college and learning how to be a lighting designer, I also worked on the staff for my Alma Mater, Pace University’s theater the Schimmel Center. Back then there was an artist, you might have heard of him, Kanye West, who was still doing pay-by-the-night style gigs. The campus entertainment committee paid him his fee to do a set at Pace. They also paid for a rig of Martin Mac Profiles. As an 20 year old novice, I was handed the reigns of the concert and did my best to put program the lighting rig and make the night look awesome. Kanye even yelled at me when I panned the audience, telling me, “Spotlight guy! All Lights on Me! Always!”

That’s what Martin has been for those of us in the industry, indispensable tools for making amazing moments, but Martin’s lighting gear is for more than concerts.

A long time industry leader Martin’s products have been part of theatrical performances, concerts and installations all over the world. Martin has also been one of the go-to lines for architectural lighting designers working on cruise ships, theme parks, exhibitions and public spaces where an amazing experience is required. Whether it’s a simple color changing façade or a fully automated experience with moving lights and effects.

We believe the offering from Martin compliments and rounds out what is already the most diverse and impressive line card of architectural lighting in NYC. The addition of Martin will also be a boon to our controls department opening up AMX lighting control solutions to our portfolio.

As we begin to represent Martin here in NYC, we’re ramping up with internal trainings and getting samples wrangled. We can’t wait to start showing you the products and capabilities of Martin.


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