New York City Has Found It’s LED Retrofit Downlight Solution – From Intense Lighting

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AKA The Post In Which I Try To Not Make An "Intense" Joke

New York City is full of old inefficient downlights. They don’t look good in the ceiling, they’re wasting a ton of energy and in all likelihood are performing poorly. Owners want them gone, as due tenants.. The problem with most retrofit solutions is that they don’t have a clean out-of-the-box solution to accommodate the larger aperture downlights they are likely replacing. This means you’ll need to rip the old ceiling down in order to get new downlights installed. Rarely do landlords and owners want to go through that kind of expense and time without a full blown renovation. So what’s left is using low-end retrofit solutions like lamps or plug in kits. It’s an intense difficult problem.

Enter Intense Lighting

Intense has come up with a retrofit kit that attacks this problem head on. Wherever you have 6″, 8″ or even 10″ apertures, the Gravity EZR retrofit kit makes it painless to put it in a new 6″ or 8″ Gravity LED downlight that will look beautiful in the ceiling. Simply disconnected the old housing from the power feed, dislodge it and push it to the side. The video below shows you the rest.

You Can’t Argue With The Results

The shot above is from an installation right here in NYC.

Just one in a portfolio of creative solutions.

Intense has an incredible portfolio of downlight, track and cylinder solutions, not to mention their innovative handrail solutions. So if you haven’t looked at Intense Lighting, give us a call and we’ll be happy to demonstrate some samples for you.

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