LEDucation Is Here

Post by on March 26, 2017 in Events

1375810394SDA_LEDucation_Card_Digital_321It’s here. It always seems to sneak up on everyone’s calendar, but LEDucation 2017 has arrived. This coming Tuesday and Wednesday at the Midtown Hilton hundreds of LED lighting manufacturer will be presenting their products in what is probably the most egalitarian lighting trade show in the county.
What I love about LEDucation is that it is still a table-top show. Unlike Lightfair where the major conglomerates can buy huge footprints, everyone from the smallest factory to the largest multinational has a table-top size display, meaning they’re all on a level playing field and it’s much more about the product.

Whether you’re a seasoned LED specifier or you’re trying to pick up a sense for where the LED market is in 2017, LEDucation is great place to come and get, well, educated. 

The other nice thing – since this is a local NYC show, the manufacturers are organized by their local rep. So when you come into our SDA section, you’ll get to see 40 of our factories all shoulder to shoulder in our little World of Light.

The image on the right is list of manufacturers who’ll be presenting at the show and as you can see the variety is incredible. From specialized lines like iLight to innovative workhorse lines like HE Williams, a very wide variety of fixtures will be part of our display. At the same time, we’ll be demonstrating controls options from Leviton, Douglas, and Osram Encelium.

With this much variety, a guided tour with one of our reps is best way to see all of our factories an understand the difference, large and subtle, between them so you can successfully specify future LED projects. If you haven’t discussed LEDucation with your rep (or if you don’t have one), use our contact page to make sure someone is there to guide you through the World of Light.

We can’t wait to see you on the show floor.


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