Lights Up: Interior Designer Joshua Liu

Post by on March 08, 2017 in Lights Up

This post is the first of our ongoing Lights Up series. Lights Up is a profile series where we will talk about light and lighting with the people who work with it everyday. 


What is your name?

Josh Liu

Where do you work?

Crème Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design

Where are you from?

Vancouver, British Columbia

How did you get here?

I went to Pratt to get into Interior Design, and now in NYC plus 10 years. Time flies!

How long have you been designing lighting?

I started working at Schwinghammer lighting since 2011, but I always had a huge crush on lighting design.

What is your first memory of lighting?

I grew up in the city center of Taiwan in the 80’s, I remembered all the colorful bright signage neon lights running down the main streets at night.

Do you have a favorite lighting project?

My absolute favorite lighting project is James Turrell’s installation at the Guggenheim. I remembered looking up into the Rotunda. It’s colorful, soothing, mesmerizing.

What is your favorite installation / lighting experience?

I worked on lighting the Polo RL 5th Ave Store, restaurant and exterior. It’s always about creating a mood with the RL brand. I find that by paying attention to light and shadow creates dramatic ambiance and experience.

polo RL 5th ave

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