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Post by on July 24, 2017 in New Products, Our Brands

SDA Welcomes the latest member of the World of Light family, Arancia Lighting

Arancia LightingArancia creates a wide array of lighting fixtures including small form recessed downlights, linear pendants, performance cylinders and host of performance decorative elements.


Here are some pieces that caught our eye.

Arancia Fold

Arancia Fold

Fold is a beautiful decorative piece comprised of three arms that can vary in length. The arms meet at a central hub that can be illuminated or not. This makes for very cool architectural forms out of a stunningly simple form factor.


Frici 2 is a nominal 40″ long cylinder with complete 360 degree illumination. This very clean bar of light creates a unique look, including power feeds that integral to the suspension cables.

Poci by Arancia

Poci is a very small, but powerful monopoint style fixture. The cylinder diameter is 2″ with an adjustment stem as short as 3″ (longer stems available). This little guy delivers 700 lumens with as tight as a 20 degree beam.

These are just three of the many, many form factors Arancia offers. We think they will be an excellent asset for the NY area specification market. Want to learn more? Head to their website and explore the different products and when you’re ready to see more, let us know!



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