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Modern Forms Lighting

Modern Forms is our newest decorative line. Here’s what you need to know about these guys.

Both Global and Local

Modern Forms owns a factory in China where their fixtures are manufactured. However, they also maintain a large assembly and stocking facility on Long Island. It’s that combination of assets that allows Modern Forms to have solid pricing and excellent lead times.

Anything you see on the Modern Forms website is stocked in Long Island, meaning that unless we’re talking about very large quantities, you will be able to get fixtures very quickly.

90 CRI, Affordable, Efficient, Energy Star Rated

That header pretty much covers it.

FF&E Or Designed Modifications

One thing Modern Forms loves is modifications based on stock items. While this will naturally increase lead times, Modern Forms isn’t afraid to alter existing form factors to make your designs work. So whether we’re talking about building out an FF&E package or designing a luminaire, we think Modern Forms will be a strong resource for you.

See Samples in Person

Photos of Modern Forms pieces don’t always do them justice. We recommend getting your hands on the products so you have a sense for the quality of the build and the high quality of light coming from these decorative luminaires.

Below is a short gallery of fixtures and form factors from Modern Forms. Take a look, then head to their website.

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