MOTOLUX Brings Motorized Track Lighting To The US

Post by on January 04, 2018 in Our Brands

Whether it's retail, a gallery or a special installation, track lighting that can be adjusted via a remote saves time and increases safety.

MOTOLUX offers a series of motorized track lighting that can transform a space without the need for ladders. If you have high applications with frequently changing displays, this could be a game changer. Motolux accommodates integral LED heads up to 4500 lumens as well as heads compatible with SORAA lamps. 

Don’t Fall Through a Ladder.

In my past life, I did lighting for a global retail chain and regularly had to refocus track heads in excess of 20 feet for seasonal display changes. During these display changes, it’s not just lighting people working of course, staff from the store are running around moving clothes and mannequins, pushing rolling carts. I was doing some of this overnight work once and was given one of those A-frame ladders that can be folded flat and propped as an extension ladder. I climbed the ladder, and the center hinge snapped just as I reached the top wrung. I fell 18 feet right on my backside. Luckily, I was turned slightly or I would have broken my tail bone. I came away with nothing but a very uncomfortable bruise.

What if we cut the ladder out of that equation? Meet MOTOLUX.

We’re scheduling sales calls with Peter from MOTOLUX for this month! Ready to see the product in person? Let your rep know!

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