What We Need Is a System That Brings It All Together

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Welcoming AMX To Our Controls Offering

The nature of knowledge work today lends itself to a new and different kind of workspace. For decades there was bullpen surrounded by executive offices. That gave way to the cube farm, which has given way again to open plan work spaces. Today, a modern office will have spaces for collaborative work, teleconferencing, formal presentations, and work to be done in solitude.

The modern school is no longer just about chalkboards and lectures. Kids as young as seven and eight years old are making and giving Powerpoint presentations, pulling information from the web and taking their notes digitally -sharing what they are working on with the class in real time.

College campuses are hot beds of visual information creating and sharing. The modern college library a place media sharing and idea generation.

Even government facilities are moving into media sharing solutions that need to be rapid, secure and easy to deploy.

The struggle with these systems is having a way to pull them all together. A robust controls platform that disappears into the background and becomes the backbone of a complete media environment. Whether we’re talking about a modern office, a K-12 school, a college, or a government facility.

AMX by Harman is that controls solution. Backed by the power of Harman’s innovation and resources in Audio, Video and Lighting controls. AMX systems are ready to integrate these various components together and make complete systems out of discreet ones.

It’s impossible to encapsulate all of the AMX offerings in a blog post. From our perspective, we see AMX as giving us the ability to close the loop on AV integration. Often we’re providing advanced lighting controls through one of our dimming and architectural controls providers, but the end user wants that system to speak intelligently to their AV systems and they want the ability to add components as necessary. That’s why we’re thrilled to be adding AMX to our controls offering. Our specifiers work on the kinds of projects that need this kind of AV integration and no other firm brings AMX’s combination of resources to the table. The video above subtly but clearly hints at Harman’s roots in performance quality AV. Drawing on their connections to Martin and JBL, AMX is ready to bring that level of sophistication and quality to projects of any size.

If you aren’t familiar with AMX, then go take a look at their website and their excellent YouTube page. Both are full of content that can help you understand their capabilities. After that, contact us and we’ll be able to walk you through AMX integration on your next project.

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