We Are One Week From the SDA Lighting Showcase – Here’s Why You Need To Come

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We're a week away from the best lighting show in NYC. Here's why you need to be there.


Seventy of the best lighting manufacturers in the world will be on hand.

Curation is an over-used buzz word these days. Supposedly, everyone in social media is curating content. We’re supposed to curate our experiences.The showcase is the best example of trade show curation you’ll ever find. We pride ourselves on having the strongest line card in the industry. The 70 manufacturers exhibiting at our showcase in 44 different booths represent the very best of our World of Light. You won’t spend a day walking through booths that are of no interest, you won’t be holed up in a tiny room with three factories.

The sheer variety of product we’ll be hosting under one roof is incredible. So whether you’re looking for superior exterior flood lighting or the perfect over-the-bed medical fixture, our variety of product will astound you. From high-bays  to video-programmed effects, you will not find a wider variety of more impressive product under one roof.

What’s Light Without Control?

You don’t need me to explain the importance of controls for your lighting projects. Whether we are talking about office interiors, fine dining or a parking garage. Whether the controls are dictated by NYC’s strict (and getting stricter) energy codes, or they are driven by the need to finely tune the light of the space. Controls are an essential part of lighting today.

Our 2016 Showcase is the chance to debut our all-new lighting control card – featuring Douglas Lighting Controls, Encelium, Leviton, and Illumient. All of these brands will be under one roof at the show. So whether you want to peruse product or bring some drawings to markup, we’re ready.

Personal Attention, Ready for Follow-Up

This is the only trade show you’ll experience where items are actionable. We’ve sat with specifiers and red-lined drawings at the show. We’ve written specs at the show and more that anything we’re prepared to immediately follow up after the show. So whether you just want to see the latest in LED from the best manufacturers or you’re actively working on a project, we want to see you.

Now, Go Register.

Head over to our registration page and let us know when you’ll be coming. We want to make sure you have enough to eat


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