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The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same - You Can Always Rely on Elliptipar to Deliver

The Bloch Building, The Lighting Quotient

The Bloch Building, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO
Steven Holl Architects with BNIM; Renfro Design Group, Inc.;
Image: Roland Halbe Fotographie

Sy Shemitz

Sylvan (Sy) Shemitz

The Lighting Quotient celebrated it’s 40th year in manufacturing this year with a blowout party in Philadelphia. The history of TLQ is as deep and rich as any in the lighting industry and is inextricably linked to Sylvan (Sy) Shemitz, who started as a lighting designer. Some of his marquee projects included the Facade of Grand Central Station, The Jefferson Memorial, the United Airlines Terminal at O’Hare, Schneider’s Children’s Medical Center of Israel, the Yale Law Library and the CN Tower in Toronto.

His love of light, specifically asymmetric lighting got him into the manufacturing business, which is when he started Elliptipar. He built the company so he had the fixtures he needed to accomplish the design he wanted. By building for himself, he also created tools for other lighting designers. Elliptipar specializes in evenly washing surfaces with perfect ratios of light for glowing walls and ceilings that create volume and depth to the space. I could write much more about Sy, but his obituary in the NY Times is a good place to start if you want to learn more. Sy Shemitz passed on July 5th, 2007.

The Lighting Quotient is run today by Allie Schieffelin Walker, Sy’s daughter. She has ushered the company into the era of LED which meant the total revamping of the asymmetric model from one of reflection and bending the light from a tube source to one of refraction and spreading the light coming off an LED board. This took a complete re-thinking of the optical assembly required to achieve the kind of asymmetric lighting that Sy would have approved on a project. That process of refinement is unending and continues to this day. Here are a few examples:


Open Office with Tambient

Clif Bar & Company, Emeryville, CA ZGF Architects; Biella Lighting; PAE Consulting Engineers; One Work Place Image: Robert Canfield

The Tambient line was innovative in Sy’s day because it was able to create both task and ambient lighting from a single light source (fluorescent tubes), with the use of highly tuned reflectors. This made it highly efficient for it’s day, delivering unheard-of lighting power densities in open office environments. Today, in the age of LED, Tambient has been further refined to a smaller, thinner profile. Independent control of up an down lighting, full-range dimming and daylight harvesting and integration of wireless controls.

The Ensconce Series

S43X Ensconce Series The Lighting Quotient Click for a PDF download on the S43x series

The S43x series is the fixture to think about when you’re lighting a competition or public pool, transit spaces, or any other large volume where perfectly illuminated ceilings are the goal and high amounts of ambient light are necessary.

With the S43 series Elliptipar has finally achieved a replacement for a 1000W metal halide uplight, delivering nearly 52,000 lumens. Perhaps most impressive the fixtures have tested to L90 past the 60,000 hour mark meaning that you’ll have a fixture that continues to perform for years.

What’s Coming…smaller and sexier.

The future of The Lighting Quotient is focused on giving designers what they want, namely smaller sexier forms that still deliver superior optical performance. We’ve been able to see what TLQ has been working on and we were all very excited. I can’t divulge the details here, but think slim, sleek, sexy and still high performance from the company that always put lighting first.

If you haven’t thought about TLQ in awhile, it’s time to revisit them. No company has been more thoughtful or intentional about the transition to LED and working to make their fixtures tools for the design community. In addition to their extensive catalog of fixtures, remember, they fabricate every piece right in Connecticut and they are ready to help with your modification and custom work. Whatever it takes to deliver the best light to whatever surface you’re illuminating.

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