Ready to Make the Most of NYSERDA and Con-Ed Rebates in 2015? Come to The Beacon of Light Event at Green Light New York Dec. 3rd

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Awhile back I wrote a piece about the joint program from NYSERDA and Con Edison called the Demand Management Program or DMP for short. Between these two entities there are massive incentives on the table through 2015 to upgrade lighting here in the NY Metro area.

In addition to the 16 cents per Kwh reduced that NYSERDA is already offering as part of its performance based incentive program, this program offers an additional $800 per kilowatt reduced during peak demand which is June – September from 2pm to 6pm. In order to qualify the project must reduce a minimum of 50 kilowatts, however, projects can be aggregated either by a single property owner or manager or by an implementer across their portfolio. This opens up huge opportunity for property owners to take advantage of the program.

GreenLightNY LogoOn December 3rd Green Light New York is hosting an event focused on the DMP program. The event will take a deep dive into the program hashing out the details of the incentives, how bundling works, and how to design a project to maximize the potential rebates. Here’s the line up of speakers:

Jennifer Dowd of NYSERDA and Tim Lezgus of Con Ed will discuss the specifics of the program, including the mechanics of applying for it, as well as the rules for earning incentives.

JP Bedell (yes, yours truly) will discuss how to design lighting schemes that will maximize your potential rebate while creating beautiful spaces. We’ll touch on luminaires, design strategy and controls implementation.

Pat McChesney of INF Associates will explain how this program can work for aggregators in the market. This is a key distinction of the program for property owners, managers, and even ESCOs and energy consultants.

Finally, Harry Charalambides of Willdan Energy Solutions will discuss financing options through NYCEEC. The DMP program is designed to encourage large scale retrofit projects. Even with the rebate incentives on the table, upfront financing of such projects can be challenging. Harry is here to talk through how NYCEEC can finance these kinds of projects.

For Con-Ed and NYSERDA it's all about reducing peak demand on facilities like these...

For Con-Ed and NYSERDA it’s all about reducing peak demand on facilities like these…

Of course there will also be time for questions, discussion and networking. We’re encouraging¬† ESCOs, property owners and managers, energy consultants and anyone else in the lighting retrofit space to attend.

Please rsvp through this page from Green Light New York as seats are filling up fast. We look forward to meeting you and talking more about how we can make New York greener through great lighting in partnership with Con Edison and NYSERDA.

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