SDA Welcomes Selux To The World of Light

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Three Things You Might Not Have Known About This Iconic Brand

Selux is one of those architectural lighting brands that, for many, needs no introduction. Selux products have long been a favorite of lighting designers all over NYC. Their reputation for perfect execution of design is well earned both in their famous interior lines and their innovative, not to mention beautiful, exterior offering. Most of the time when I write these announcement posts I’m working from something abstract, the factory’s website or catalogs, perhaps a phone call with someone on the team. Today, I’m writing not about the idea of Selux, but from the experience of being on the factory floor with my colleagues, earlier today and yesterday. This week, the SDA team went to visit Selux at their facility in Highland, NY – not quite two hours north of New York City.

Getting to see the product in full scale installed on site was an amazing way to get introduced to the line. Our specifiers in NY have complete access to the Highland facility, making it a terrific way to experience both the indoor and outdoor product firsthand. It would be impossible for me to recap everything we learned on our trip, but here are a few key points to take away.

Selux is committed to best-in-class design.

That might be something a lot of factories say but Selux employs 21 engineers. That commitment to engineering shines through with incredible optical options of the M36 linear line, the silicone optics of the V5 light engine, or the soft beautiful illumination of the exterior columns of light.

Selux makes the only continuous run linear lensed fixture on the market that can be used in Wet Locations.


The M60 linear interior fixture has long been a best in-class fixture. Whether it’s recessed, surface or pendant mounted, with perfect end-to-end illumination, the M60 is a workhorse. But did you know that you can also specify it in wet locations? The M60 could be that perfect linear solution you’ve needed for canopies, breezeways, patios and anywhere else you’ve wanted to use a clean line of light.

Selux is a leader in solar exterior lighting.

You might not have known how many beautiful exterior form factors Selux makes (the gallery below is a taste), but did you know that Selux was also a leader in solar lighting? Solar lighting can be difficult to specify – often calling on the solar panel manufacturer, pole manufacturer and fixture head manufacturer to collaborate. Selux provides a single-source manufacturer for everything you need for solar, off-grid lighting in elegant modern form factors.

Selux is preparing to launch new product at Lightfair, so I can’t spoil here. Suffice to say, they are about to change the game. In the meantime, get ready for SDA to re-introduce you to this amazing factory. We’ll be reaching out for visits and factory tour dates very soon. In the mean time, if you’re ready to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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