The New York City Energy Code Update Means Sensors, Sensors Everywhere…

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From the Desk of Chuck Cameron, Our Controls Specialist at SDA...

NYC Energy Code Update October 3rd

As many of you are already aware the NYS and NYC Energy Codes get an update on October 3rd. I attended a packed seminar at the Center for Architecture where Gina Bocra and Emily Hoffman from NYC DOB provided an overview of the new code and details of the significant changes.   I have a couple of quick bullet points I wanted to get out to everyone about the changes to lighting control.

  • There are requirements about the lighting and controls needed for walk-in refrigerators and refrigerated display cases which are not in the lighting section but found in the HVAC and Refrigeration section.
  • Automatic daylight responsive controls will be required for any daylight zone where they could affect 150w or more of lighting
  • Open plan office areas must be controlled by occupancy sensors.  This has to be the primary control and it is not permissible ( I asked) to have the lights hold on for the hours of operation and use the sensors for an after-hour override.
  • Residential projects must use 75% High Efficacy Lamps in all permanently installed light fixtures
  • Plug load control is still only a requirement if you the ASHRAE/ IES 90.1 Alternative path
  • Evidence that the lighting controls were tested after they were installed

You can download the 2016 NYC Energy Conservation Code here.

SDA Controls will be putting together more resources to help you understand what lighting controls are needed and how to accomplish it with our fine manufacturers.

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