Sports Lighting is Moving to LED, Here’s How To Do It Right

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It's About More Than Sheer Brightness

It's time to upgrade from these metal halide fixtures to LEDFor decades sports lighting has been the same. Dozens of high wattage metal halide fixtures  blasting light across the playing ground in an effort to create totally even coverage while minimizing glare and creating visual comfort. Almost as important as the luminaire itself (mostly unchanged for decades) was the service contract attached to the luminaires. Knowing the manufacturer would send service pros out to re-lamp and adjust focus was a big key to feeling confident that the installation would look good over time.

Bringing LED to the Field

Until recently LED hasn’t been bright enough to focus light on the field without very large arrays of fixtures. Other problems like on-camera flickering and poor color quality made LED upgrades impractical. Meanwhile behind the scenes Schreder was working to develop a line of fixtures tailor made for the sports lighting market. They worked with the professional sports leagues like the NHL and NBA to come up with fixtures that met specifications while saving tremendous amounts of energy.

Meet Omnistar

Omnistar Sports Lighting in LEDThe workhorse of the fleet is the Omnistar. This high power luminiare was developed to meet the many needs of sports venues.

  • IP66
  • 28,000-37,930 Delivered Lumens
  • 19 Different Optical distributions possible using reflectors and collimating lenses.
  • CRI 70+ (Standard) 80+ Available
  • Impact resistant glass lens (it can take a whatever you want to throw at it)
  • Snoots and frosted lenses are available for glare control.
  • The driver/gear box can be mounted to the back of the fixture or remoted in a ground level gear box.
  • A whole host of mounting options are available for yoke or suspension mounting.
  • DLC Listed
  • Natatorium Ready

Introducing The Omniblast

Building on the Omnistar platform, Schreder brings us the Omniblast. An even more robust luminaire developed or professional sports venues and arenas.

  • More powerful – capable of replacing 800W, 1000W and even 2000W discharge lamps.
  • 4000K and 5700K CCTs with Tunable White as an option.
  • RGBW capable and DMX integrated.
  • Optional 90+ CRI and always Broadcast ready. 

Ready for The Pros or the Local Youth Field

When I was a kid I was convinced I was going to play right defense for the New York Rangers. You’ll be shocked to learn I didn’t make it. But I did play on ice rinks on Long Island, Westchester and Manhattan, and roller rinks in all five boroughs. I played under the bright metal halide fixtures outside and industrial highbays inside, both burning tons of energy. Today we can provide LED solutions to reduce energy usage and maintenance costs while improving performance and visual acuity on the field or the ice. These solutions scale in terms of both performance and cost to align with the needs of your facility.

See Schreder in Action, Then Talk To Us

Thinking about an upgrade? Let us know. We can work with Schreder to future proof your installation and to secure utility rebates for these DLC listed products. It’s easier than ever to make the upgrade to stunning LED for your sports facilities, we’re ready to help. The folks at Schreder will be at the upcoming SDA Lighting Showcase and we can’t wait for you to get an up close look. You’ve registered right?

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  • LED Sports Lighting much better to CFL light, it long, energy saver.

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