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Lumium Is Now Part of the Ecosense Family

Lumium has joined the EcoSense family. We’re thrilled to add them to the SDA World...

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Ecosense Rise

Ecosense thinks differently about the launch of lighting products. Most companies think about launching singular...

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Congratulations to Ecosense for Best in Cove Innovation Award

Ecosense already provided some of the best cove lighting in the industry. At Lightfair, they decided to totally change the game.

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Friday Night Lights, Our Brands

Friday Night Lights: Deep Freeze Edition

The NY metro area is experiencing it’s first deep freeze of 2015, but that hasn’t...

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#WorldofLight, Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights – Forms Assembled in Light Edition

This Friday Night Lights post will be a short one. If you haven’t been able...

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#WorldofLight, Our Brands

It’s Time To Design Smaller Lighting Coves

Cove lighting is not a new concept. Architectural coves create sparkle and interest. They can...

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Lighting Tips, Our Brands

A Flexible Lighting Solution To Create a Luminous Ceiling

Great design is often made from the simplest tools. This is especially true of tricky...

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