Three Amazing Days in the World of Light

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It's Been An Action-Packed Week For the SDA Family, Here's a Recap

All week, The SDA team has come together to host our bi-annual lighting showcase. If you’ve follow us on Facebook, then you’ve gotten glimpses into the process of loading in and opening the show as well as little glimpses of our booths.

Melissa and Stanley rally the troops ahead of the opening of the show

Melissa and Stanley rally the troops ahead of the opening of the show

This was the largest show we’ve ever done. Forty-four booths and seventy manufacturers from all over the world came to present their products to the NYC specification market. I can’t stress how much effort goes into making this show happen every two years. To give you an idea, at our next meeting on Monday planning for showcase 2018 will commence by digesting was most successful about 2016.

The Core Team

I can’t go any further in a recap post about the show without acknowledging who put it together. The core team of Jean Jacques, Rosemarie Falussy, and of course Melissa Deutsch have spent thousands of hours between them making all of the logistics of the show happen. The show quite literally would not have even come close to possible without the forethought, time, effort and planning of the leadership of our agency.

The Mastermind

Jean and Patricia late Sunday night

Jean and Patricia late Sunday night

If you’ve been to the show, every detail you experienced, the food, the wine, the layout of the booths, the air temperature, the bag on your shoulder and the guide book in your hand was thought through by Patricia Pinckney. Every show we are attempting to refine and execute her vision. This year was no different. If you ask her, she’ll tell you that this year she had the least to do with it she ever has, she’d be lying to you. This event is her baby.

The Rest of Us

Everyone pitches in to make the show happen. The sales team is divided into load in and load out shifts starting as early as 5am on Sunday morning and working well into the night to make sure every booth is loaded in and built properly. Whether we’re talking about Phil Thomas who starts Sunday at 5am with a measuring tape and some spike marks on the floor for placement, or Carl Faber leading the load out charge on Monday morning – crews of the reps you know and work with are hauling boxes, sweeping floors and wielding tools in an effort to get the show up and running. We don’t just show up in a suit the day the show opens.

Special mention must be made to Eugene Silver who, working on his first SDA show, planned the load in of all of our booths and made it the smoothest process we’ve had in memory. Despite the closure of cross streets due to the terrorist attack just a few blocks away, we were able to make up for lost time and keep the set up process on schedule.

Our Factories

There is no show without the amazing products and presentations our factories put together. Take a look at the stunning gallery below. Every booth is a great one and we couldn’t be more proud to exhibit these terrific manufacturers.


View More: all of this comes together you get a three day lighting event that does more than just exhibit product. Personally, I had one of my architects walk around the show with a set of drawings to talk about fixtures she needed on a job. It’s a working showcase, a place to talk about light and lighting design, to talk about controls and celebrate how lighting changes buildings and spaces.

View More: View More:

But all of that only happens if you, our clients, come out to be a part of the event. So thank you. Thank you for showing up and taking the time to enter our world of light with your keen eye, your creativity and your open minds. Thanks for making our 2016 lighting showcase a success.

Now, let’s get back to work.


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