AIA: Light and Wellness Presented By USAI

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TOMORROW: April 1 @ 2PM Eastern

Design Ramifications of Circadian Lighting in the Built Environment

1 AIA / HSW Credit

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Timothy Hart of USAI will be presenting this AIA presentation. In it students will learn about our circadian rhythm, how light impacts it and what steps can be taken by the design team to enhance it.

Learning Objectives

  • Define circadian rhythm and how it impacts the human body’s sleep/wake cycle
  • Identify the five controllable lighting parameters that have a circadian impact.
  • Differentiate between the two primary circadian metrics and use the Circadian Stimuluscalculator to determine successful design for circadian entrainment.
  • Execute four lighting design techniques to create a circadian focused solution.

Course Outline

  • Evolution of Circadian Rhythm
  • Health Implications of Circadian Disruption
  • How Light Impacts the Circadian System
  • Evidence Based Metrics
  • Design Considerations
  • Conceptual Discussion of Applications


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