Lighting Controls Systems Are Getting More Connected, Here’s How To Keep Up

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Connected Lighting Is Here, Now What?

Lighting control systems today are evolving as rapidly as LEDs were a few years ago. Systems are becoming lighter in footprint, more agile and more software based. At the same time, the industry is riddled with buzzwords your clients hear in passing but barely understand – PoE, IoT, Cloud Based Control, Circadian Lighting, Space Utilization…the list is endless. Should controls be distributed or centralized, does app based control make sense? What systems are scalable to an IoT world, and how?

Buzz and Questions

There’s a lot of buzz around connectivity and lighting. Whether we’re talking about integrated sensors and control, Bluetooth or Zigby based wireless networks, smart device connection or even IoT ready PoE lighting systems, there’s never been more of a push to connect lighting to other information systems. Once we start to talk about lighting as a connected system, we open up a world of possibilities, but also a world of potential pitfalls. Just because we can connect lighting to other IoT systems, should we? How can (and should) data be extracted from sensor systems and what kind of data sets are optimal to the end user? What data is useful and what’s noise?


While we can’t answer all of these questions, we can make you a better educated specifier. At the SDA Lighting Showcase, you’ll be able to come and get a hands-on look at the latest in controls technology from some of the most innovative companies in the world. Leviton, Douglas, and OSRAM will all be presenting their latest controls solutions. You’ll be able to get hands-on with gear and sit down with factory team members to get first hand information on how to specify these solutions.

We know it’s not easy to take time out of the work day for a trade show. There are light refreshments provided all day long as well as meals in the breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. In other words, we try to make it easy to enjoy an hour walking the show floor, without taking any additional time away from the work day.

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