SDA Welcomes Coronet To The World of Light

Post by on October 23, 2018 in Announcements

Certain brands don’t need long winded introductions. Coronet is one of them. For years, they’ve been a leader in both service and quality here in the NY market. You’ve seen their trucks driving around the city, you know their reputation for rapid delivery and great communication. What you might not know? Coronet is an innovation machine, delivering new form factors meant to realize the needs of lighting designers and architects alike. One quick example – Magneto.

From Coronet:

MAGNETO is an innovative and dynamic track system designed so you can easily rearrange components within the track. Featuring snap-in magnetic mounting that allows you to rearrange available components to suit your specific needs. Fully customizable, can be configured into patterns, long runs, and installed as a suspended or recessed (coming soon) fixture.

There are many more examples, but the absolute best way to get to know this amazing line is to come to their NYC pop up.

The pop-up demonstrates Coronet’s capabilities as a spec-grade manufacturer and we’re thrilled to have it open as we begin our partnership. We’re thrilled to have Coronet as part of the SDA World of Light and we can’t wait to work together on your next project.


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