Smartengine by Wtec

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The smartengine intelligent lighting control platform is a hardware and software-based system used to deliver power, control and communication to LED light fixtures. The system leverages standards based low voltage structured cabling infrastructure (ANSI/TIA) to deliver both power and communication, allowing for faster and lower cost deployments of light fixtures compared to traditional high voltage wiring. Through a high-density network of sensors, the system is able to provide real-time reporting on power use, occupancy and thermal comfort throughout the built environment. Via the system’s Open API, smartengine can send and receive communication to other building systems, making spaces more connected and intelligent.

With the smartengine platform, end users can achieve substantial benefits over traditional lighting, including:

– Reduced system installation cost and time, resulting in up to 25% cost reduction over traditional line voltage
– Best in class energy savings on lighting and HVAC, delivering up to 27 LEED points on a given project and LPD of 0.1-0.3 W/ft2
– Granular sensor network to provide insight into space utilization, added safety and security and end user features including live floorplans
– Lower ongoing operating by removing drivers from plenum and providing an easy to use software for moves/adds/changes in the building

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