NYC Interior Designers – It’s Time To Elevate Your Lighting Game

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2 Reasons To Come to the SDA Lighting Showcase 2018


Small Details Change Everything

I was having coffee with an interior architect friend of mine last week. We were talking about a restaurant she’d recently designed. She was very proud of the design and how it was all turning out in construction. Then she swiped through a few photos and said, “See? This is what I don’t like…” As she pinched and zoomed she showed me where some LED tape light was too close to some wood paneling that had a reflective sheen. The LEDs reflected back so your eye picked out individual dots in the wood surface. “This makes the space feel so cheap and it’s such a little detail.”

If you’re an interior designer or interior architect, it’s time to up your lighting game.

Hire a Lighting Designer

The absolutely best way to make sure the lighting is perfect on your next job is to hire a lighting designer. Lighting design is an art and a science and lighting designers study and practice for years to make sure the fixtures they choose, the layouts they draw and the scenes they program in the dimming system will create exactly the environment you imagined. But not all jobs will have an LD so how do you get your lighting right?

See It In Person

From October 16th-18th SDA is hosting it’s bi-annual showcase. The showcase is a chance for you to see 70 different brands under one roof. That means architectural detail fixtures like Slim Cove Dim from Ecosense, recessed lines of light from Luminii and recessed fixtures from USAI. But unlike the gigantic lighting shows that overwhelm you, the SDA showcase is meant to be big enough to give you options, but small enough that you can comfortably navigate and ask detailed questions.

Specify Decorative Fixtures That Are More Than Pretty To Look At

Too many times RCPs include decorative pendants and sconces without any detail as to how bright they will be. Sometimes information like the color temperature is missing. Nearly always the CRI data isn’t included. In order to take your projects to the next level, specification grade lighting is the only way to ensure that the quality of the light will match the quality of your taste as a designer. SDA only represents specification grade lighting fixtures, with IES files and full documentation. We also work with you to provide full photometric calculations and layouts as needed to support your design work.

If you’re a NYC Interior Designer, then the absolute best way to up your game for your next projects is to the SDA Lighting Showcase. There we’ll make sure one of our reps walks your around the floor and connects you to the brands and products best suited to the kind of work you do.

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