Question for the Summer – Are You Doing Your Best Work?

Post by on August 04, 2015 in Lighting Tips

IMG_0024This is the time of year many of us take vacation. Vacation is our time to get away from work and be with our family and friends. It’s also a time to reconsider our professional lives with a little perspective. If you’re reading this blog you might be a seasoned lighting professional, you might be an architect or an interior designer. Whatever your lighting related profession a summer break is a good time to reassess.

I’ve always found that when you ask “am I doing my best work?” You start to find reasons you are or aren’t and assessing your work more broadly. If you are doing you’re best work then the question is simple…why? How? What can you do to keep it going? If you aren’t well it’s still a matter of why.

One of the great pleasures of my job is that I get to visit so many different offices, whether we’re talking about an ESCO, an architect or an award winning lighting designer, the theme is the same. Too much work and not enough time. The design and proposal process is shorter than ever and it’s impossible to keep up. That pace of work makes it difficult to assess and reassess all the details.

IMG_1049I’m not a productivity guru. I don’t have a 5 point plan for how you can improve your performance at work. That’s why lifehacker and GTD are around, but I do have one suggestion. Are you using all of the resources at your disposal? Organizations like the Building Energy Exchange, IESNY, DLFNY the IALD and NYDC are all here to help you better understand lighting design, lighting choices and energy repercussions.

On another level, SDA is here to serve you needs as specifiers. Whether that is seeing the newest products and developments, setting up AIA presentations, helping with calculations and project estimates or just helping consult on a project. In short, it’s our job to help you do your best work, to take a little bit of the pressure off and be an extension of your design team. That’s the level of service we seek to provide to all of our clients whether you’re a small architecture firm or a Lumen Award winning lighting design firm, we want to help you develop your very best designs on time and on budget for your clients.

So when you’re strolling the beach this vacation and thinking about how to get more out of your work. Remember that we’re here and we want to help. We want to be part of your best work.

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